Mother Charletta Virginia Clifton Thomas is the oldest daughter of the late Superintendent Junius L. Clifton and the late Mother Virginia Clifton. She has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. When she was born, her great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents were members of the Church of God in Christ. Her mother, Mrs. Virginia Cypress Clifton, sung and traveled with the Saints Academy Choir in the late 1930’s. Her great-grandfather, Overseer Charles Cypress, served for a short while as State Overseer of Virginia.

Bishop and Mother Thomas married in 1957 and to this union God blessed them to have and rear six sons: Brother Ted Thomas, Jr., Elder Christopher B. (Katrina) Thomas, Elder Marc A. (N. Kimberly), Brother Charles (Kim Machelle) Thomas, Brother Jonathan Thomas, and Brother Reuben Thomas. She has reared them and nurtured them in Holy living and God has blessed them tremendously. Along with two preachers, two of them are ministers of music, one is a professional musician with the Food Network, on is an Insurance Agent and Investment Counselor for PrimeAmerica, and one is a talented and gifted songster.

Since 1995, Mother Thomas has been retired but enjoys helping to rear and nurture Charles and Kim’s two sons and one daughter: Charles, Jr, Emanuel, and Kiara Thomas, as well as Marc and Naomi Kimberly’s three sons: Marc, Jr., Evan, and Aaron Thomas and Chris and Katrina’s daughter, Jamerron, and newborn son, Ted Junius Clifton Thomas.

Before retirement, Mother Thomas worked for 29 years as a Business Education teacher for Chesapeake City Schools. She also served the City of Norfolk as a Social Worker with the Department of Human Services.

For over four decades, she has labored as the Executive Secretary of the State Women’s Department. She is also the President of the State Pastors, Elders, Ministers, and Deacons Wives and holds the same position at both New Community and St. Stephen’s. For six years, Mother Thomas was the writer of the Junior High Sunday School Quarterly for students and teachers. She also taught classes and is a member of the Board of Directors for the C. H. Mason Bible School (VA#1).

The Elect Lady of New Community and St. Stephen’s Churches of God in Christ, Mother Thomas is a well-sought after speaker and workshop leader. The noon-day prayer leader at New Community COGIC, Mother Thomas’ testimony is that she can depend upon God and He can depend on her! He has healed and delivered her from death’s door five times and she gives Him all of the glory, honor, and praise! Her continued focus in this life is to please Him and her ultimate desire is to meet God in the Rapture